Do you offer a natural option?

We use Urban Integrated Pest Management.  We spend time evaluating current pest pressures.  Why are they here?  Can we modify something in the environment to reduce the number of pests?  We employ the use of target specific materials to help mitigate pests and make every attempt to use low impact applications.

Why do you focus on the outside of my home or business?

The outside of your home/business is where insects live and breed.  Our service is designed to stop activity where it originates.  This can prevent them from entering your structure.

Why should I use a professional when I can try and do it myself?

A professional can correctly identify different species of insects, knows habits, harborage areas, life cycles and the prescribed method of control.  A professional knows how to handle products safely, when and where to apply them and how much material to apply.

Do you sell Mosquito Misting Systems?

No.  We feel in order to perform responsible mosquito control, you must be mindful of several different factors.  It's important to perform a visual inspection to ensure there are no beneficial pollinating insects, like the honey bee, nearby that would be harmed during treatment.  To reduce drift of the material to non target areas, applications cannot be made when wind speed exceeds 10 miles per hour.

Does the Mosquito Barrier Treatment control other outdoor pests?

The materials we use kills the adult mosquitos and acts as a repellant.  It is likely to have some impact on other pest species.

Does anyone need to be home when treatment is performed?

No, as long as we have access to the property.  You will receive a reminder by phone of your next scheduled visit.  Your service ticket will be left in a plastic bag on your door, stating the date and time of service, product used and any special instructions.  It will also indicate your next scheduled treatment date.